Manner Monday: Making your “guest” feel included at events

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With the Holiday season in full swing, many parties are popping up on the calendar where spouses, significant others, and family members (guests) will be thrust into your business/company/social environment.

Some guests are “gung ho and ready to go”; others are a bit more hesitant to “enter into the spirit of the party“.  Whichever the case, it makes for a great start to your evening to have a discussion prior to the event, giving your guest as much insight as possible helping to prepare them for what they’re getting ready to walk into.  It’s also nice to discuss ahead of time, having a game plan in place for introductions and the inopportune time when you forget someone’s name.

Once you arrive at the party, don’t forget to include your guest.  There is a good chance that your guest will not feel as comfortable as you will; they don’t spend 5 days a week, 9+ hours a day with your coworkers.  Make introductions and include your guest in conversations.  When making introductions, offer information to make the connection:  this is Josh from the marketing department, we recently worked together on the big XYZ project.

And by all means, don’t forget to enter into the spirit of the party and ENJOY!

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