Manner Monday: Keeping organized for your Thank-you notes

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As promised from last week, I thought I’d share some ideas on how to stay organized with thank-you notes.  Keeping organized and staying on top of them is half the battle.  Even I struggle sometimes with remembering to write, and getting the notes in the mail; to help, I’ve added note writing to my calendar every Monday.   This prompted the tag line you may have noticed on our Manner Monday stationery “start your week off on the write note“.  I’m not saying I don’t miss an opportunity for a note here and there, but it’s helped tremendously!

One of my friends, Timberly, gave me permission to share this photo of the cute box she keeps on her desk:

I love repurposing things.  Recently I was clearing out some things and ran across my old “day-timer”… with advancements in technology, it was gathering some serious dust!

I cleared out all of the old calendar pages and replaced them with clear sleeve protectors.

Took a few of my personalized note cards, some for Billy and Ricardo and a few Happy Birthday cards,

stuck in some stamps and a notepad, added some magic markers for Billy

and ta-da… we are ready to write notes on the go.  I keep the day-timer in my car so it’s easily accessible.

If you don’t have an old day-timer lying around, Boatman Geller makes a really cute carrying case called the Carrie and Tuck:  It comes in a variety of colors and is available at (scroll down to the bottom of the page):

How do you stay organized and on top of your note writing?  Please share and I will post your suggestions.  (If you missed last weeks post, here is the link:  Thank-you notes )

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