Manner Monday: It’s not what we give

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As we hustle about this week, trying to get all of the last minute gifts purchased, wrapped and “under the tree”.  I thought this poem was great to help keep it all in perspective:

It’s not what we give,

but what we share,

for the gift without the giver is bare.

   -James Russell Lowell

 Thanks to Rhonda Jones for sharing this.  Here is her story:

When I was about 9 years old, my mom let me play ‘office’ with her old Day-Timer (when they were actually written in!), and it had quotations on every new week’s page. The quotation above was one I have always remembered. It helps me remember what is important in life – the people we meet and have relationships with, not the things we are given, or that we give.

Well-said Rhonda.  Thanks so much for sharing!


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