Manner Monday: Interruptions

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In the world of business, we are all well aware of “interruptions” during our day.  They consist of everything from that little email “chime” on our digital device, to telephones ringing (or vibrating), and coworkers stopping by for a chat.

The other day, my five year old was in the middle of some serious Lego construction.  He was humming and singing and having a grand time.  In my efforts to keep everyone “on schedule”, I was getting ready to start chatting with him to share what was on our “to-do” list for the rest of the day.  Something stopped me in my tracks and I’m so glad it did… I decided my “interruption” could wait, as it was obvious he was focused on the project at hand.  He ended up working diligently for about 30 more minutes on his creation.  If I had interrupted him, I doubt the creation would have seen the light of day.

I know the next time I get ready to “interrupt” someone when I can clearly see they are otherwise engaged with a task… I will second guess the interruption and decide “is this interruption immediately important?” or “can it wait?”

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