Manner Monday®: I <3 U, aka: Love Letters

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by Carey Sue Vega in Family, Manner Monday

Love letters… When is the last time you’ve heard this term referenced?  In today’s terms, we’re all probably thinking along the lines of maybe a “love text” = I <3 U, or I luv u, or a “love email”.

I wonder what methods children and grandchildren will utilize in the coming years to assist in storytelling or reminiscing about couples and the current forms of “love letters” … will they scroll through smart phones looking for text messages, will they peruse Facebook pages looking for sweet nuggets of I <3 U and other terms of endearment?  Will they find a post-it note collection of hearts and smiley faces that have been placed on a bathroom mirror, in a briefcase, or in a lunchbox?

If you would like a little inspiration in putting pen-to-paper this Valentine’s Day to send your sweetheart a hand-written “love note”; take 6 minutes to watch this truly special love story:  Barbara and George Bush Love Notes Revealed.

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