Manner Monday: Hurt Feelings

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Kindergarten is tough… on a parent!

Our 5 year-old came home from school the other day with “hurt feelings”.  One of the other kiddos told our son that his hair looked funny.  As a parent, the “mama bear” in me started to come out:  then I got to thinking… this is life.  As a part of life, we deal with “hurt feelings” on a regular basis… someone didn’t like our idea during a meeting; someone chose our competitor over us; someone said something to us that we didn’t “like” and we took it personal.  What I’ve found myself repeating lately to our 5 year old is “we can’t control what other people do or say, the only thing we can control is how we react ”.  It’s been a great reminder for me, as an adult; we may not like what we heard, and we may not be able to change what was said, the only thing we have control over is our reaction.


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