Manner Monday: Hosiery… aka “Stockings”

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It seems as though hosiery, aka “stockings”, can stir up some interesting conversations.  A friend of mine was having a discussion with some of her coworkers recently on the topic when one of the junior employees proudly stated she has never, to date, donned a pair of “stockings”.  Needless to say, an interesting conversation ensued prompting her to ask a question similar to the one my sister recently posed.

Here is an excerpt from a previous post on the topic:

My sister Audrey (we call each other ‘Dolly, Doll, Dollette’… long story) emailed me the other day with a question about hosiery, aka ‘stockings’.

Doll (My sister to me),
What is the rule on stockings? I noticed Michelle Obama isn’t wearing them on the White House special with Oprah. Maya and Suzanne had bare legs at Granny’s party. When I showed up at Billy’s baptism without them, I felt horrified.

Hi Doll (Me responding to my sister),
Wellllllllll. Here’s my two cents…

I believe instead of being a rule of Etiquette or Protocol, it has evolved into something much more complicated.
I personally think it boils down to a number of things:
1- Generational issues….I don’t think Laura (Mrs. Bush) would EVER have appeared on National television without hosiery.
2- Can your legs stand on their own?…Maya and Suzanne, yep.  Me, not so much.
3- Season, will your legs have goose bumps and be pasty … Summer, not a problem. Winter, bleh – opt for tights.
4- Flat out preference…. I feel more confident WITH them, other people can’t stand them.
5- And last but not least: Depends on what company you will be keeping…. If you’re with a more ‘mature’ (meaning older) group, then out of respect I would don hosiery. Generation X, you’ll see a bit of both. Generation Y, I don’t think they know what stockings are, unless you’re talking Christmas and it’s a ‘stocking stuffer’.

Hope that helps!
Love, Dolly

What is your take on the Hosiery/Stocking debate?… please share!

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