Manner Monday®: Hey, Mom?…

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by Carey Sue Vega in Etiquette, Family, Manner Monday, Manners

Have you ever found yourself immersed in your technology and you hear those sweet angelic words from your kiddo… ‘hey, mom?’ (or dad), and you respond uttering a sidetracked, ‘just a minute…’.  Yep, me too.

I’m reading more and more articles on how kids just need their parents to pay attention to them, instead of their devices.  You’ve heard me say time and time again, focus 100% of your attention on the person your with… but when we’re at home, unwinding, relaxing… we think the rules don’t apply.  (Yes, I’m talking to myself here.)  And, yes… I’ve even written blog posts on the subject before, ‘Watch me, Mom!’, ‘Family Dinner’, ‘Mobile Phone Etiquette: The Dinner Date’, ‘Cell Phones, Love/Hate Relationship’.

One of my personal goals this year is to be more ‘active’.

  • more ‘active’ in focusing on my family.
  • more ‘active’ when I’m working, focusing on the task at hand and not stumbling down the rabbit hole of social media.  Moderation is my friend. (Which will allow more time to be ‘active’ with the Hub and Cub.)
  • To be more ‘active’ about being ‘active’.  Walk, exercise, pilates, bike riding with the family… Whatever it takes, on a daily basis, I will do something ‘active’.
  • And to be more ‘active’ when I hear those sweet words, ‘hey, mom’.  I will be ‘active’ in my response and give him my full attention.

If you’re interested, I would love to share some great articles I’ve found on the subject:

Here’s to responding to ‘hey, mom’ with a fully engaged response.

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