Manner Monday: Happy Fourth of July!

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Happy Independence Day

I hope everyone had memorable, fun, and safe, Fourth of July celebrations.

Ricardo and I enjoyed watching the NBC Macy’s Fourth of July special as it aired live from the newest ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet, the Norwegian Epic.  As we watched, we enjoyed the tribute to our Independence Day…the music, the fireworks and the patriotism… it was all pretty inspiring and breathtaking.

During the broadcast, we also found fond memories flooding in of our years on ships and all of the ‘other’ Independence Day celebrations we were honored to experience.  As American crew, working on foreign flagged ships, we always found ourselves in the minority, as it was a mini United Nations with crewmembers from as many as 50+ nations working together.  It was so much fun getting to know fellow crew and support, and enjoy, one another’s history and heritage.   Some of the more memorable ‘other’ Independence Day and Holiday’s we helped to celebrate over the years include:

  • Pilipino (Filipino, Philippine) Independence Day – June 12
  • Jamaican Independence Day – August 6
  • Canada Day – July 1
  • Norwegian Constitution Day – May 17

No matter your history or heritage, Independence Day is a special day to be celebrated and enjoyed, it’s a day to thank, and remember, those who paved the way for us.

As an American, I am always thankful of the independence and freedoms that I enjoy.  I’ve seen, and met, many wonderful and amazing people from other countries who are not so fortunate.  Happy Fourth of July!

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‘Thank you’… and Happy Monday!

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