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Is heading to the gym on the list of your New Year resolutions?  If so, the ‘regulars’ at the gym want to remind those of us who are getting back into the swing of things (as I dust off my sneakers) a few of the do’s and don’ts

Do Keep it Covered – Not only is dressing appropriately important for the everyday life and the workplace, it’s equally important to be dressed suitably for the gym.  ‘Too little’ cover provides ‘too much’ skin for your fellow gym patrons to feel comfortable.

Do Keep it Clean –  That infamous sign you see posted in various places, ‘Your mother doesn’t live here’, is what immediately comes to mind.  Clean up after yourself!  Who wants to work out on a piece of equipment that has pools of sweat lingering?  Wipe down the equipment and make it presentable, just as you would like to find it yourself!  Along with the above-mentioned sign, another childhood flashback ‘pick up your room’ comes to mind.  Don’t forget to leave your equipment in a neutral setting, put the extra weights back in their proper storage area before heading to your next station.

Do Keep it Quiet – Please do yourself, and everyone in the gym, a favor and turn your ringtone to silent.  It’s very distracting to hear a ringtone going off while you are focusing energy on your workout.  And for those of you who still use your smartphone to actually ‘talk’, step outside or away from the gym floor while you carry on your conversation.

*Don’t use a machine as a couch – Sitting on a machine scrolling through your social media feed while someone else is waiting to use that piece of equipment will not win you friends.  If you need to take a break between reps, we get it… but don’t get caught up with your phone and forget why you’re at the gym.

Don’t forget to Eat – Even though you may be trying to lose weight, you don’t want to pass out during the process.  Make sure you eat something before heading in for your workout.

Don’t Stink up the place – Sweating and perspiring are great, stinking is not.  Clean out your dirty closes from your gym bag as soon as you get home and restock it with clean and fresh gear.  Don’t forget the deodorant but leave the cologne or perfume for ‘date night’.

And of course, do be patient with the newbies (raising hand here)… they may end up being a regular… OR a new client or colleague!

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