Manner Monday: Good Sportsmanship

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The Thunder has done an amazing job of making us proud here in Oklahoma City in more ways than one, and of course, they have been hugely beneficial in helping to secure our spot on the map as a ‘major league city’.  Let’s continue to make Oklahoma City proud, as we set the standard for good sportsmanship in the league!

Good Sportsmanship

As you prepare to attend your next sporting event, here are some guidelines that will help you to devise your own game plan and strategy for your outing.   These tips will help ensure that you have the best possible time and will also aid in the enjoyment of the event by everyone around you.

  1. Arrive on time so that you will not disturb others by climbing over them to reach your seat or block their view of the first exciting play as you pass in front of them.
  2. When making your way to your seat, enter your row facing the people in the seats, not with your bum in their face.
  3. Purchase any food, beverages and souvenirs, on the way in, at halftime or at the end only.  The same goes for the inevitable trips to the restroom.
  4. There is nothing wrong with shouting and cheering all you want for your team and your favorite player, as long as you do not make nasty cracks about the other team.  It is mean-spirited and you may find yourself the target of vicious remarks and retaliation from your neighbors.

Always keep in mind that no matter what sport you are watching, or playing, you will have a better time and be more in demand as a partner, opponent, or guest, if you show consideration, enthusiasm and good sportsmanship.

Go Thunder!!!

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