Manner Monday: Good Posture

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Take a few minutes to think about the people you admire; the people you respect and look up to… I bet they have great posture.

Good posture helps us to feel more confident and self-assured, it’s great for our self-esteem and it improves our appearance by making us look taller and slimmer.  (Now if that’s not enough for us to stand up straight… I don’t know what it is.)

Not only is good posture great for your self-esteem, but it’s beneficial to your health and well-being as well!  Good posture has been cited as being beneficial to the brain, beneficial in reducing back pain, helpful in reducing body fatigue and aiding with overall general circulation.

Now, take a minute and look at your posture… are you sitting up straight, are you standing up straight?  What does your posture say about you and your first impression you make on others?  Do you come off as self-confident and self-assured; or as having anxiety, low self-esteem and nervous?

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