Manner Monday®: #Foodie Photos at the Table

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First off, we all know that your focus should be on your friends and family.  But if you feel as though you HAVE to snap a picture, do so quickly and discreetly.  And do I even have to say this part (yes… I do); wait until you leave the restaurant, or event, if you plan to post your photo to your social media sites.

If you do want to snap a #foodie photo here are some tips to avoid ruining the rhythm of the meal and annoying your fellow diners:

  •  Your phone should already be on silent, but double check before snapping your pic.  You don’t want the ‘shutter’ sound disturbing nearby diners.
  • While you’re checking the mute function, turn off the flash.  You don’t want to disturb and distract others with the flash, plus it makes your food look horrible in the photo.
  • Don’t rearrange furniture, food placement or people.  Remember the key is to be quick and discreet.
  • Get a closeup of the food. If you can’t sense being able to touch and smell the dish through the photo, you’re not close enough.
  • Make sure to leave other diners in the restaurant out of your pic.
  • After you leave the event, give the photo a quick edit before posting it. Don’t forget to crop out any extraneous table clutter and correct the white balance before you share it.  And again, don’t even think about doing this at the table!
  • Finally make sure your picture is actually a good one before sharing it.  You don’t want the ‘best-meal-ever’ to end up looking like something you would serve Fido.

It’s great to take pictures to keep as a memento of a fabulous dinner or event, but don’t forget to actually enjoy the moment with the friends and family who are at your table.

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