Manner Monday®: Fondue Etiquette

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One of our Student Ambassadors recently posted a picture from her outing to The Melting Pot, asking about silverware placement for the ‘pokers’, which prompted the idea for a post on Fondue Etiquette.  Thanks Masen!

Here are a few tips to keep you from a Fondue fail:

  • Setting the table – to answer her question, my initial thought is that it’s part of the ‘fork’ family, so it would go to the ‘left’ of the place setting with the other forks. Once you’ve started the process of the fondue, in between actively using the fork, it would lay in ‘resting’ position on your plate. It would be placed in ‘finished position’ for it’s final debut.
  • Pick your poker – Remember which fork is yours.  The forks have color-coded markers or handles, make a mental note of yours and stick with it so as to not pilfer someone else’s poker.
  • No Double Dipping – Ever.  This goes for the salsa at a Mexican restaurant, and it goes for whatever is on your fork at the fondue restaurant.  The cooking/dipping pot is communal – your germs aren’t.
  • Don’t eat straight from the poker – This goes back to double dipping.  Transfer the morsel from the stick to your plate.  Let it cool for a bit, then use your traditional fork to transport the item to your mouth.  If no service plate is provided for a landing pad, and you find yourself needing to eat from the poker, do not touch your teeth or lips to your fork.  Use your teeth to gently remove the item without making direct contact with your fork.
  • Cheese or Chocolate fondue – Dip, stir and twirl. Dip, then stir a couple of times and make your exit.  By stirring, you’re doing your part to ‘stir the pot’, keeping the temperature even throughout.  Once you remove your item from the pot, hold it over and give a gentle twirl to keep drips and drizzles back to your plate to a minimum.
  • Fun Folklore – Tradition says that if a gentleman loses his bread in the pot, he buys drinks for the table.  If it’s a woman who loses her bread, she must kiss her neighbors.
  • Fire – And of course keep in mind there is an open flame – so safety is important.  Keep long sleeves and other flammable objects away.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy!  Eating fondue is a unique way to break bread with friends and spend quality time together.


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