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by Carey Sue Vega in Business Etiquette, Manner Monday, Manners

During a recent Trade Show Booth training I developed for a company that participates in a wide variety of shows throughout the year; the question arose about ‘finding time’ to write business related thank-you notes which prompted me to ‘take a look in the mirror’!

We’re all busy, I totally get it!  I have a list (a growing list) of thank-you notes to write.  For adults, I really think it boils down to psychology… as children we were expected to write thank you notes for gifts; it was a duty, it was an obligation.  If we could change our thinking and look at the art of the handwritten note as an opportunity to show true gratitude, I think it might help us to change gears and get some momentum going behind writing those notes.  Taking just a few minutes out of our day to share with someone how thankful we are for them; yes, it takes time, but think about how it makes the recipient who receives the note feel.  Aren’t they worth our time?

I’ve written about it here, here, and here, and have even shared 4 easy steps to make writing notes a breeze.  My son even gets it.  But yet, am I great at it?  Nope.  I definitely have room to grow in this category!  After the discussion that took place during the training, I decided I need some motivation myself to get working on that growing list of gratitude I’ve been ‘intending’ to tackle.  So I’m going to set a goal, I’m going to start with 30 notes over the next 30 days.  Are you interested, would you like to join me?  Together, lets figure out how to carve out just a few minutes from our day to put pen to paper and show thanks. Hop over to the Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope (wherever you want) and put it out there, I’m using the hashtag #30ThanksIn30Days to get the conversation started and to help keep me accountable.  So if you see me over the next 30 days, please don’t hesitate to ask me how it’s going!

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As always, thanks for reading!
– Carey Sue


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