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We’ve heard from so many people who’ve paved the parenting path before us, talk about how we need to enjoy our time with our son as it goes by fast and before we know it, he’ll be grown up. So we’ve made a conscious effort to take advantage of our weekends together. We don’t always get to do fun family things every weekend, but we sure try as often as we can; and when we do, we call our little adventures #FamilyFunDay.

Quite often we get follow up questions from friends who have seen our posts on social media. They want to know what we did, where we went, and any tricks or tips we can share with them before they head out. Since we love sharing and we’re all about everyone else having fun too; I started a blog post series aptly titled #FamilyFunDay to document our adventures, tips, and ‘manners used’ for making the most of your day if you choose to take a similar adventure of your own.

For our son, we find outings are so much more successful when we have conversations BEFORE we get to where we’re going and give him an idea of what to expect. Even if we’ve never been there, we have a pretty good idea of some of the situations we may encounter and can prep him on manners to use and expected behavior. Does it always go as planned? No. Does he always use the manners we prep him with? No. Do we usually always have a great time and learn something along the way? Yes! So at the end of each post, I’ll also share ‘Manners Used’ which will hopefully serve as great talking points for you to discuss with your kiddos while you’re on the road.

So far, I have posts up about our adventures to:

I’ll be working to update the blog with some of our previous outings:

  • Beavers Bend
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Foot Golf
  • Turkey Mountain (Hiking and Moutain Bike Riding)
  • Bluff Creek  (Walking, Hiking and Moutain Bike Riding)
  • Stanley Draper  (Hiking and Moutain Bike Riding)

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We’d love to hear recommendations from you for our next #FamilyFunDay Adventure.

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As always – Thanks for reading!
– Carey Sue

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