Manner Monday®: Even football players appreciate handwritten notes!

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I love coming across stories about the power of the pen and how a handwritten note can make an impact!  Thanks once again to my friend from cruise ships, Laura Cobb Kolvoy, for sharing another inspiring story…

This story highlights Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider and how during each July, he puts pen to paper and handwrites a special note to every single one of the players on his roster (90 total) as they head off for their break before meeting back up for training camp in July.  Click here to access the full story.

To read other great stories, click on the highlighted link below:

The Ice Cream Dude, he is teaching children in Buffalo, New York, the art of Gratitude one ice cream bar at a time.

Rachel Weil, she calls herself The Letter Farmer.  Since July, Weil has been parking her red van and popping up in places all over Seattle, Washington.  Once she gets to her destination, she sets up tables with pens and free postcards (she even covers the postage), throws open the doors to her mobile shop, and encourages people to write to someone.  To read the entire story, please click here.

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