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When working with our 5-8th students, they sometimes question what they consider to be an ‘old-school’ topic we cover in class.  Recently we were talking about Escort Position, where the gentlemen offers his arm to escort or assist a young lady.  Some of the young men asked,  ‘when in the world would I ever REALLY use that?’  To their credit, they were fifth graders asking, so obviously they’re not too interested in girls yet (thinking I need to initiate a follow up discussion with them in a few short years on the topic).  So I gave them a couple of examples they may be able to relate to:  assisting your mom up the stairs at a special event, or walking with your grandmother through a parking lot.

Then I shared a real world example from my Royal Adventure this past summer to the EACH fundraiser with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  Prior to the dinner, we gathered on the lawn for a reception, when it was time to proceed to the great hall for dinner, we needed to proceed up the outdoor stone stairs.


It had been raining prior to the event, and the stairs being natural stone (and very old), were a bit slippery.  Without missing a beat, the gentlemen in attendance offered their arms to the ladies as we headed up the stairs.  Were all of the ladies perfectly capable of walking up the stairs on their own? Absolutely.  Was it a nice gesture by the gentlemen to offer their arms to the ladies? Most certainly.


Hopefully I was able to plant the seed and offer a positive reminder to the young 5th grade men, how being a gentleman never goes out of style and will never become ‘old-fashioned’.  ‘Old-school’ manners are very much still valued, appreciated, and admired.

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