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Manner Monday: Enter into the spirit of the party!



10 Things You Won't Believe You Haven't Taught Your Kids

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We’ve all been there…it’s loud, it’s overwhelming, it’s uncomfortable; and for a 3 year old, it is completely understandable.

As an adult though, we have the ability to put on a smile and make the most of the situation.

Have you ever had to go somewhere or have been in a situation; and you weren’t real thrilled, or you just weren’t in the mood?  Try turning things around and telling yourself that you are going to have a great time; chances are, you will actually end up enjoying yourself.

In other words, “chin up… and enter into the spirit of the party!”

What is your favorite phrase or advice for such an occasion?  Please leave a comment below and share!

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  1. Vicki Toombs says:

    Carey Sue,

    This may not “seem” like it applies to this situation, however, it is my catch phrase for nearly everything any more.

    “Life is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get.” (I’m always looking for something with a nut and caramel.)

    When entering into the “Spirit of the Party”, having that take on it will often result in pleasant and happy surprises!

  2. Janet Daugherty says:

    I always sing the song from Charlotte’s Web to my kids or myself! (My kids really hate it!)

    Chin up, chin up
    Everybody loves a happy face
    Wear it, share it
    It’ll brighten up the darkest place
    Twinkle, sparkle
    Let a little sunshine in
    You’ll be on the right side
    Looking at the bright side
    Up with your chinny chin chin…

  3. Thank you Vicki and Janet!
    I love both of those and will add them to the arsenal!!! Thank you for sharing.

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10 Things You Won't Believe You Haven't Taught Your Kids

We promise not to share your contact information!
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