Manner Monday: Digitally Dumping

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out Social Media is hot.  For the most part, it is how the younger generation communicates with one another, either via text message or facebook.  Email is becoming the new snail mail.  And you don’t have to look very far to see teenagers (and some adults) glued to their miniature ‘best friend’.  ‘Best friend’, unfortunately, seems to be the best description for their cell phone… as they are choosing to spend the vast majority of their time with these little gadgets.  So it shouldn’t be surprising to know that when it comes to delivering bad news, their method of choice is to send a text or post the news on facebook.

I don’t know too many people who actually look forward to conflict or delivering bad news.  It’s an unfortunate part of life that sometimes has to happen.  I know as the receiver of bad news, I would much rather hear it in person; and at a minimum, in person over the phone.  When it is delivered in person, empathy and sympathy can be conveyed by tone of voice and body language.  When it’s sent via social media, it’s black and white – cold as ice – zero personality – harsh.

Delivering bad news may not be fun and we may not look forward to it.  But doing it in person is the right thing to do.  Don’t you agree?

Fox 25 recenlty asked for my help with a story on ‘Digitally Dumping’.  Click here to view the story:  KOKH FOX 25 – Digitally Dumped .

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