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Last week I shared one of my favorite tips for scheduling a conference call or meeting. That post prompted a couple of follow up questions from one of my readers – thanks Jenn for asking!

Q: What is the rule for thank you emails after meetings? Do you always send them, or just for initial meetings? I just got off a conference call with a client that we often work with. Do I send her a thank you after every meeting? Or is it just understood? Do I send it on my own behalf or CC the others on the team?

A: Yes, and no. Personally, I don’t mind the follow up ‘thanks’. One of my good friends, on the other hand, hates them and will not respond with a ‘thank you’ – she thinks it’s implied.

I think if there is important information that you could recap to get in writing, then that might be a good ‘excuse’ to follow up with a ‘thanks’ message.  If it’s just a ‘thank you’… I would think back through your previous emails and see what type of a communicator the person has been historically with you.

Also – a good old-fashioned hand written thank you note could make a huge impact. “Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the meeting the other day.  You are a pleasure to work with.“ Something short and simple, but a kind word – it makes a great impact.

Q: One thing we struggle with at work is scheduling meetings when more than one person is involved, and even worse is in more than one state (different time zones). Is there a more efficient way to schedule these meetings and not appeared scattered to the client? How can we calm the background noise in organization to appear more collected for the client?

A: Have you looked into I use it all of the time with my high school students and other volunteer groups I’m involved with. It’s perfect when you have a group and you’re trying to agree on a meeting date/time. In the planning email, I would give them a deadline to respond and let them know you will announce the best date for all then.

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