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A friend recently asked me about bread and butter at formal events.  She mentioned how when at home, she loves to spread butter all over her roll letting the butter melt and get all gooey and soak in.  I was shaking my head in unison, salivating, wondering where the closest bakery was to pick up a loaf on the way home to devour that evening.  I think it’s safe to say, when we eat at home, we tend to be a bit more casual.  Sometimes we need to brush up on some of our more ‘formal’ manners before heading out to a big event.

Bread – For formal events, and at nicer restaurants, wait staff may serve the bread where it would be placed directly onto your bread plate.  Or it may be placed in a basket on the table to be passed family style.  Either way, if you have a bread plate, the plate should remain in its position throughout the meal until the wait staff removes it.  In case you’re drawing a blank on where your bread plate should be stationed, you can refer to the fun ‘b’ and ‘d’ trick, or the ‘BMW’ analogy.  As much as we love our bread, you don’t get to bring it down, front and center – it’s an accessory to the meal not the main course.

If you don’t have an individual bread plate at your place setting, you can rest your roll on the edge of your dinner plate.

Butter – The Butter may be preset on your personal bread and butter plate, on a communal plate to be passed for sharing, or individual foil packets may be placed in a container on the table.  If you’re faced with butter in foil packets, gently open your packet, gently scoop your serving of butter onto your plate, and gently fold your foil trash and place it in your virtual trashcan.

Your Virtual Trashcan – To find your virtual trashcan, picture a clock on your dinner plate.  Where the five falls on the clock, your trashcan will be on the table just under the right lip of your dinner plate.  This is helpful to the wait staff.  When they clear your plate from the right, they can easily empty your trash instead of having to reach all of the way in to the middle of the table.  Your trashcan can be used for sweetener packets and any other small pieces of ‘trash’.

Butter knife – If you have an individual butter knife, it stays at home resting on it’s own plate in between workouts.  Its sole purpose is to get the butter onto the bread – one bite at a time.  No working overtime on any other item.  If you do not have a butter knife, your dinner knife will work a double shift and step pinch hit for the job.  Either way, just don’t lick it spotless – you can gently wipe it on your piece of bread to clean it if need be.

One Bite at a time – When you’re ready for a bite of bread, take your fingers and tear a small piece away from your roll and butter that one individual portion.  We don’t get to cut our roll in half and slather butter all over it when we’re at a formal event and high-end restaurant, save that for home with close family.

Dipping and Sopping – If you have olive oil, gravy, or soup, you can ‘gently’ dip or sop with your individual bite size piece of bread.  Refrain from using the piece of bread as a shovel to clean your plate, and be extra careful to keep anything from dripping onto your shirt.

Now pass the bread basket please – all this talk about bread, I’m starving!

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