Manner Monday: Bodily Functions at the Dinner Table

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As many of you know, when you have a 5-year-old little boy in your presence who is thoroughly enjoying ALL of things that come with Kindergarten, it can sometimes bring up “interesting” issues.  The latest of which has been bodily functions, the noises and some of the names associated.  I’m sure you can paint the picture.

Needless to say, those same bodily functions sometimes happen to us “big people” in the real world.  If you’re at the dinner table and something, such as a burp, slips up on you.  Do your best to cover with your napkin and not draw attention to it (unless a 5-year-old boy is present, then you’re toast) and politely say excuse me to your neighbor who may have heard you; at some point I’m sure it has happened to them and they completely understand.

If you feel a sneeze coming on and are not able to make a quick enough getaway: sneeze into your shoulder, turning your head and body away from your neighbor.  Make sure to catch the sneeze in your shoulder so you don’t share it with the table behind you.

If the bodily function is something completely within your control, such as blowing your nose, excuse yourself to the restroom where you can take care of things privately.  You tablemates will be eternally grateful.

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