Manner Monday: Avoiding a Hat Hazard

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Easter, The Royal Wedding, The Kentucky Derby, Mother’s Day… Ladies, are you thinking what I’m thinking?  It’s hat season!

I’m a huge fan of acronyms, so to help avoid a Hat Hazard during all of the upcoming festivities, here is a simple solution to help you navigate the social seas with style, grace…and of course a fabulous hat!

H – Hats are reserved for daywear; please remember, no fashion hats after dark.

A – Approach with your hat on the left and kiss on the right cheek,

T – Tilt your head, far enough for clearance (45 degrees should be good),

S – Stay in position as you step back.

Good luck! Please email me a picture of you in your fabulous hat! I will post them on my blog in May, after Mother’s Day.

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