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Here is an excerpt from Joy Richardson’s article “Miss Manners to me: Behave!” which was recently printed in the Oklahoma City ‘Friday’ paper:

“Pretty sad when one is an invited guest (me) to a gorgeous seated luncheon and are a total embarrassment (TWICE) to your hostess (she, Jeanne Jackson) before we ever sat down. If you’ve the mistaken notion that the Oklahoma City Orchestra League is stuffy, you got the wrong group, they are hilarious.

Oh, I didn’t wear my pajamas or Sylvester-the-Cat slippers by mistake to Gaillardia’s gorgeous dining room, and I minced in carefully not so I didn’t do anything as embarrassing as falling and chipping a tooth. No, the spell of misbehavior started after that. My formal place card let me to know I was at “table No. 2”, and sure enough, there was my printed name card. So I had the right date, time, and place. With a big sigh I put my camera on the table.

Carey Sue Vega, etiquette expert was our speaker. Again, stuffy? Egad, NO! She’s a doll with a rollicking sense of humor. We stood behind our chairs and the first thing she said was,…”

Click on this link to read the entire article:  Oklahoma City ‘Friday’ Article

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