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by Carey Sue Vega in Business Etiquette, Media

What some ‘Good News’?  Take a few minutes to visit www.JustGOODNews.BIZ and see how they shine bright lights on positive business news across our country. They celebrate people who, despite a challenging economy, turn ideas into jobs, paychecks and innovation our economy can grow on.

JustGOODNews.BIZ brings you stories – from local companies, chambers of commerce, economic developers – and from the best headlines around the country.

Learn about:

  • Expanding, innovative businesses.
  • Start-up ventures and entrepreneurs with great ideas.
  • Who’s hiring – so employers and job seekers can connect.
  • Business investments in your state.
  • Communities ready for growth – and how they make it happen.
  • Top economic reports, plus city, state and national rankings.

It’s positive, convenient news you can use – free of charge – in one easy-to-navigate site.

We were honored to be featured in a fantastic article that does a great job of telling our story!  Thanks so much JustGoodNews.Biz for choosing to highlight us!!!

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