Jewelry Shopping Etiquette with Daniel Gordon

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I asked friend and local jeweler, Daniel Gordon, to share some etiquette tips from his perspective to help make the most out of your trip to the jewelry store. I hope you enjoy his response:

Over the 15 years I’ve spent in the jewelry business at my family’s four-generation store in Oklahoma City, I’ve seen a lot and experienced many different types of interactions with thousands of clients. Some good, some leaving something to be desired. For the most part, the experience has brought me lifelong customers and even beyond into making true personal friendships. There is tried and true method to extract more value when shopping in any retail environment through simple steps of appropriate etiquette. As you might be shopping for jewelry or other gifts that require research and knowledge this upcoming Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share what I’ve seen work to hopefully help you get the most out of your shopping experience.

Be A Friend
The better you treat your salesperson, the more likely it is that they will go the extra mile for you. I find that when shopping for any item in a retail environment, if you treat your salesperson just like you would your friends, you will maximize your chances of getting exactly what you want. In a world where we expect much more for much less, the simple act of being kind can go a long way towards getting you what you want. The secret to doing this is simple. Ask their opinion, listen to their answers, and consider some of their options. Once you do this, make it clear what you are looking for and make a final decision based on all of your information. In the end, you are far more likely to get what you want and also you just may learn a little bit more to help you make better buying decisions.

You always extract more value with more effective communication. I always recommend that buyers go in with all of their research and that you are upfront about what you’ve learned. It helps those of us behind the counter to understand which direction you are leaning towards and makes for a much better buyer/seller collaboration. The seller’s reaction to this should give you a pretty good idea on whether or not they are there to help or if they only see a commission. I find that if someone comes back to you with options, tries to educate you with valid documents to back up the information, and respects your opinions, you are on the right track. It’s human nature to not want to show our cards, but I find that in most cases this leap of faith will tell you if you should move forward or move on to another place of business.

Due Diligence
Before stepping foot in a jewelry store, make sure you research and list the places you want to go. Blindly popping in and shopping each and every place you’ve ever passed will only serve to frustrate you and is a far less efficient use of your time. Ask friends, relatives and co-workers for recommendations, because no one will give you a better answer than those whom you already know and trust. Reviewing websites can be a nice repository of information, but take what you see with a grain of salt. Sites like Yelp and others can give you a good gauge, but one negative response is no reason not to give a local business a shot (several negative reviews is another story altogether). Once you’ve narrowed down your options, be sure to go in with an open mind, a clear picture of what you want and a smile on your face. I promise, it works every time!

Well, that’s about it: a base, and some guidelines that I have learned over the years that really will go a long way in your journey on finding that perfect item for the special occasion. Please don’t hesitate to contact me on Twitter, Facebook or by email I love to answer questions and be of service whenever I can.

Love to hear your feedback in the comments section down below & Happy Valentine’s Day! Good Luck on your “Shopping Journey”.

Daniel Gordon

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