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The invitations for the end-of-the-year events are ‘in the mail’.  Terra, our office assistant, has been diligently working to ensure their arrival to the post office.  Please know that with the 5th grade students telephoning their RSVPs to our home phone, if you have questions other than those answered below, please be patient, it may take us awhile to get to you.  Thank you for your understanding!

Below you will find a few reminders and tips about the fast approaching end-of-the-year events and your child’s/children’s responsibilities.  (Please check your inbox for an email as well.)


It is your child’s responsibility to RSVP.  It they missed their last class; they should refer to their books, or click the appropriate event below for specific instructions on how to RSVP.  All events are assigned seating; RSVPs are critical and must be done immediately.

5th grade Event Details

6th grade, Season One, Ball Details

7th & 8th grade, Season Two, Ball Details

Please remind your child to alert us to any food allergies or other food requirements that need to be arranged when RSVP-ing.

Boutonnières and Corsages will be provided for all students.

Dress Codes:

5th Grade


Ladies should wear tea length, age appropriate dresses (examples would be Easter or ‘party’ type dresses), white gloves, and dress shoes.  We are more concerned with the dresses being age appropriate and comfortable than we are the length.  Gentlemen should wear khaki pants, dress shirts, ties, and navy or dark blazers.

6th Grade, Season One AND 7th/8th Grades, Season Two

Black Tie

Ladies: the majority of the young ladies wear floor-length dresses.  If your daughter has a tea length dress and would like to wear it, that is completely acceptable; we are more concerned with the dresses being age appropriate and comfortable than we are the length.  Each gentleman will be wearing a traditional black tuxedo with a formal white shirt, a black bow tie, cummerbund, and basic formal black shoe.  Tuxedo rental is available at Men’s Wearhouse and Parkway Men’s Wear for a discounted rate.  Please ensure your son goes for his tuxedo fitting as soon as possible.

Men’s Wearhouse Group Numbers:

6th Grade, Saturday, March 27, #2572187

7th/8th Grade, Friday, April 9, #2572200

7th/8th Grade, Saturday, April 10, #2572207

Party Pics: Party Pics will be present at all events taking pictures throughout the evening.  At the conclusion of the event, we will send an email to all parents with information on viewing and ordering the Party Pics.

Chaperones and Parents:

If you have been assigned to chaperone, we will send a separate email with specific chaperone instructions in the next few weeks.

If you have not been assigned as an ‘official chaperone’, you are more than welcome to come inside with your child and take pictures.  Once the event is underway, most parents enjoy a night out for dinner then return about 30 or 40 minutes before the end of the event to watch the dancing and take more pictures.

As always, please do not hesitate to email or call if your have questions.

Thank you.

Carey Sue Vega

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