Hostess gift dilemma

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Here’s another question from one of our readers:  “I have been invited to a private party hosted at a Country Club.  Should I bring a hostess gift?  I normally would if the party was held at their house, but I am unsure about bringing the hostess something that she has to keep up with at the club.”  – Janet

Yes, you should provide your hostess with a small token of your appreciation, but you are correct (and very thoughtful) in thinking through how the hostess will have to keep up with your gift at the club.

I would suggest sending something to their home before, or after, the party.  Flowers are always nice; you could include a card with something along the lines of “We’re looking forward to a wonderful evening. See you tomorrow.”  Flowers could also be sent after the event with a note about the delicious food, the creative decorations or something else memorable from the evening.

Other ideas could be a gift basket of fruit, nuts, etc. or a collection of bubble bath and soaps with a note referring to ‘pampering’ and relaxing after a successful and wonderful party.  You could also send a nice picture frame and include a picture you took at the gathering.

By putting a bit of thought into the gift and personalizing it to your hostess, you will be communicating how much you appreciated their invitation and generosity.

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