Gym Etiquette

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With the New Year officially upon us, many people will be heading back to the gym.  One of our readers who is a ‘regular’ when it comes to working out, asked if I would post a few reminders for those of us who…um, aren’t so good with our attendance.  Yes… this reminds me, I need to get up and get moving!

* Keep it Covered –

Not only is dressing appropriately important for the everyday life and the workplace, it’s equally important to be dressed suitably for the gym.  ‘Too little’ cover provides ‘too much’ skin for your fellow gym patrons to feel comfortable.

* Keep it Clean

That infamous sign you see posted in various places, ‘Your mother doesn’t live here’, is what immediately comes to mind.  Clean up after yourself!  Who wants to work out on a piece of equipment that has pools of sweat lingering?  Wipe down the equipment and make it presentable, just as you would like to find it yourself!  Along with the above-mentioned sign, another childhood flashback ‘pick up your room’ comes to mind.  Don’t forget to leave your equipment in a neutral setting, put the extra weights back in their proper storage area before heading to your next station.

* Keep it Quiet –

Please do yourself, and everyone in the gym, a favor:  leave your cell phone in your gym bag and don’t forget to silence it.  It’s very distracting to hear a ringtone going off, much less a one-way conversation, while you are focusing energy on your workout.

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