Graduation and Thank-you notes

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It’s that time of year … graduation.  In the next few months, many graduates will be receiving gifts that will help to prepare them for the next step in their lives.  Part of that next step is taking the responsibility to thank someone appropriately for a gift.

Unfortunately, many high school graduates think a hand written thank-you note is outdated and old fashioned and that a ‘thank you text’ should work just fine.  If you need a little help to motivate your graduate in understanding the power of a well-written and timely thank-you note, local realtor, Wyatt Poindexter, has a remarkable example about the power of the pen:

While working at a Country Club in West Palm Beach, Poindexter’s college roommate, Bryan, met Donald Trump during a rained-out golf event.  The two gentlemen engaged in polite conversation and shared a firm handshake.  The following day, Bryan wrote a simple note to Mr. Trump.  The note expressed gratitude and appreciation to Trump for his “politeness” during their time together.  Not long after, Bryan received a call from the Trump organization, offering him a job as House Manager at the Trump’s West Palm Beach mansion.

Of course not all thank you notes are met with a job offer such as this; but they are met with a smile, sincere appreciation, and a reminder of how a simple gesture of “thanks” can brighten a day.

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