#FamilyFunDay: Ft. Sill and LETRA

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by Carey Sue Vega in #FamilyFunDay, Family, Manners

The #FamilyFunDay series is an opportunity for us to share our adventures, tips, and ‘manners used’ for making the most of your day if you choose to take a similar adventure of your own.

Ft. Sill and Lake Elmer Thomas Recreational Area (LETRA) are in Lawton, which is about an hour and a half drive South from Oklahoma City.

This #FamilyFunDay adventure was prompted after our recent trip to Mt. Scott. From the top of Mt. Scott the Cub of course spotted the water slides and beach area at LETRA … adding that to our list of to-do’s.

To gain access to the base, you need to stop at the visitors center by the main gate off Sheridan. You will need a drivers license for all of the adults in your group and fill out a visitors form. After a background check, you will be issued your visitors pass for the day.

We were pleasantly surprised by everything on base that awaited us.  Our first stop was at the museum.


The Cub was in heaven to say the least.  The Musuem was closed (we were there on a Sunday) but the outside housed an endless supply of


Army tanks,


missile launchers,



and more.


We spent a good 45 minutes walking around and climbing on everything.

The architecture of many of the buildings and houses on base was amazing. Quite a bit of Spanish Colonial designs with tile roofs. You can see some of the homes in the background of the pictures above.


We then headed out in search of LETRA; but found another detour on the way – Geronimo’s gravesite. We had to go check that out!


There are numerous playgrounds that we made pit stops at as well. Good thing we packed a picnic lunch again. If you don’t bring your lunch, the base has plenty of options available, close to the main gate, such as Subway, Burger King, and Church’s Chicken.

Back on track and headed to the ‘beach’, we found our destination with more fun to offer. Miniature Golf, Kayaking, and Paddle Boats. They also have bass and pontoon boats available to rent (check here: Cheap Boat Rentals Near Me).


After a quick round of miniature golf, we cooled down at the water slides and the beach.


The beach area was quite enjoyable. They have a nice bathhouse with restrooms and showers.  The water was somewhat clear and the view of Mt. Scott provided a nice backdrop and a few shaded areas to get some temporary relief from the sun.


The watersports are only open during the summer between Memorial and Labor Days.

They also have archery and paintball rentals. Those, we were told, are available year round weather permitting.

Rental Cabins are available too. Looks like we’ll be checking into those for a weekend of Family Fun Days, archery and paintball.

Manners Used: (great talking points to share with your kiddos as you head out on your adventure.)

  • Respect for authority and for military personnel. You will have contact with gate attendants, and other military personnel as you’re on an active U.S. Army base.
  • Following the rules at all times; speed limits, no swimming areas, non access areas.
  • Eye contact, please and thank you.
  • Reverance for the deceased as you walk through the cemetery to see Geronimo’s grave.
  • and of course car ride manners for the 2.5 hour outing (5 hours round trip) (Here’s an idea to help ward off the ‘are we there yet?’ questions.)

This will be another ‘do over’ destination.  There is so much to do in this area, we’re thinking a weekend getaway is in order!

We would love to hear if you do, please leave us a comment and let us know about your #FamilyFunDay Adventure.

– Carey Sue

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