#FamilyFunDay: FootGolf

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by Carey Sue Vega in #FamilyFunDay, Etiquette, Family, Manners

The #FamilyFunDay series is an opportunity for us to share our adventures, tips, and ‘manners used’ for making the most of your day if you choose to take a similar adventure of your own.

Today we stuck close to home for #FamilyFunDay. We headed to Midwest City and Hidden Creek Golf Course. The Cub has his arm in a cast so he played FootGolf while the Hub and I played golf at the same time. This is our second time at Hidden Creek and we like it for its laid back environment. We did not need a tee time and didn’t feel intimidated by the ‘pros’ you find at some of the other golf courses.

The FootGolf course runs along side the golf course so it was easy for the three of us to play together. The first time we went, all three of us played FootGolf and knocked it out in about 45 minutes.



Today we rented a cart to haul our clubs and it took a bit longer.  Our outing cost around $35; which covered the cart, green fees for the Hub and I and the FootGolf fee for the Cub.



After golf, the Cub had spied a skatepark during our previous outing so we stopped by to check it out.



And how convenient, there’s a snow cone stand at the park! Make sure you have cash if your order is under $5. Otherwise you can use a debit or credit card.


Manners Used: (great talking points to share with your kiddos as you head out on your adventure.)

  • the same rules of golf etiquette apply to FootGolf
  • repairing of divots
  • the Cub was super excited to drive the golf cart for his first time so we had plenty of teachable moments there! 😳
  • Cordial interaction with the course employee.


This will definitely be another ‘do over’, great family fun and it’s close to home!

We would love to hear if you do, please leave us a comment and let us know about your #FamilyFunDay Adventure.

Thanks for reading!
– Carey Sue


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