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“A client of ours made an email “introduction” for us to one of his connections he thought would be a good fit for our company and product.  He directed the email to his friend and cc’d us on it.  In this situation when the email was written to John -the other party- should we wait for him to respond first?  Or should I go ahead and respond first?” – Crystal

I would go ahead and “reply all” with a “thank you for the introduction” and a short note about how you (the company) look forward to visiting with John.  Maybe include a short snippet of how you see the two of you collaborating.   Hopefully John will initiate further communication.  If he does not, I would suggest following up in a few days to set up a phone call or lunch meeting.  When you do make a connection, keep in mind; how you respond, communicate and follow up is an indirect reflection of the friend who made the initial introduction… make them proud!

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