Disturbing the Peace

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“My co-worker and I were on a flight to Portland last week.  The people in front of us had a small child and they watched a movie on an IPad without headphones…and of course the volume blared… Okay – so… what’s the “nice” way of saying TURN IT DOWNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – signed, Ringing Ears

Having a small child myself, I know traveling can be a bit of a nightmare: and as a parent, we do just about anything possible to keep the little tykes entertained, so they don’t “entertain” the other travelers.  Unfortunately though, we get so caught up in keeping Junior occupied, that we sometimes forget we may be “occupying” our neighbor’s space as well.  I think a gentle comment along the lines of “I’m not sure if you realize it, but we can hear the movie too.  Would you mind turning it down a bit?” would probably do the trick.

Tip:  I recently stumbled across a great little accessory we use when traveling, it’s a “splitter” attachment to allow access for two sets of headphones to be plugged into one device.  This little gadget has worked wonders on long trips as we can watch a movie, or listen to music, together and it helps to keep us from “disturbing the peace”.

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