Creative Repurposing: Cake Carrier and Wet Wipes

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I was visiting with a friend the other day who has two toddlers.  She was asking for tips to help teach her little guys some table manners and to see if it was at all possible to make it through dinnertime without everyone looking like they were wearing their food.

My advice was ‘patience’ and ‘time’.  Keep plugging along with the basics, they’ll eventually start to take hold – and keep some wet wipes handy.  When my little guy was a toddler, we hid the wipes under a Cake plate/carrier in the center of the table.

Here’s a picture of the Mackenzie-Childs cake carrier.  It’s fun and whimsical for the middle of the table…

but it also doubles as a secret hide-away for the wet-wipes…

which also come in handy for us ‘big kids’ sometimes 🙂

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