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Cotillion is Cool!



10 Things You Won't Believe You Haven't Taught Your Kids

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If you are a high school student, don’t miss out on the great events we have planned…

Premiere Cotillion (High School)  

Premiere Fall Fling Party:  Please encourage high school students to attend our annual “Fall Fling Party”.  This is a fun opportunity for students who are interested in participating in the Premiere, High School, program to learn more about Cotillion.  Guests are encouraged to bring a friend to the event as a great way to introduce them to the program.

We will have a DJ and dancing. Finger foods and dessert will be served.

Dress Code for the Fall Fling: Business Casual.

Gentlemen, please wear khaki pants, or slacks, a dress shirt or polo style shirt (tucked in with belt).

Ladies, please wear a conservative skirt or dress (skirt length to be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee).

No jeans, tennis shoes or hats please.

Tickets are $7.50 for one or $10.00 for two and are available online by going to:


Premiere Program:  The Premiere Program begins in January and the class is already filling up, if you are interested in your high school aged child participating, please register him or her soon.  In addition, if you know of anyone interested in this program, please feel free to share this email with them.

The Premiere Program is open to students in 9th-12th grades, previous Cotillion participation is not required.

Details for the Premiere Program, 9th-12th grades, are available online at


Premiere Interview Intensive:  As part of our continued effort to “develop the whole child,” we are excited to continue with our “Interview Intensive” program to instruct students, 10th-12th grades, in the aspects of interaction in interview settings.  We are excited about these efforts to equip the professionals of tomorrow with the manners, etiquette and social skills they will need in the transition from the admission process of the halls of academe, through first job interviews, and on to positions as well respected members of our business and professional communities.

To mark the culmination of our training, students will attend a formal reception where they will be paired with an adult who will interview them for 10-15 minutes and then critique them on their performance.  The process will be repeated until each student has had 3-4 interviews and critiques.  We plan to make the interview process fairly challenging and difficult for them, so that later in life, when they are placed in a high-stakes interview situation, they will be able to enter in knowing how to conduct themselves and therefore feel more confident.

For details on the Interview Intensive Program for 10th-12th graders, please go to

Space is limited this year for both the Premiere Program and the Premiere Interview Intensive, so please register early.


  1. Sandra Sweeney says:

    I am going to register my son Bobby for this Premier Class because he attended the Jr. Cotillion Class and absolutely loved it once he started attending and found out that is really fun and exciting.
    Another reason he is planning on attending is because his brother attended the Premier Cotillion classes and found that it was so benefecial once he started college because all his fraternity brothers knew nothing about social or business etiquitte.
    Therefore, once Bobby found out that it really makes a difference on a person’s character he decided he did not want to miss out on this fabulous coming event in January.

    Thanks Carey for making it possible for my 2 boys to grow into nice and well mannered young men.

    Sandra Sweeney

    1. Thank you so much Sandra! We LOVE what we do and we love hearing success stories just like this. Exactly why we continue to offer the program! We look forward to seeing Bobby in January.

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10 Things You Won't Believe You Haven't Taught Your Kids

We promise not to share your contact information!
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