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To ensure the first class of the season flows smoothly, I want to share some information about the sign in process and what happens during the class.  Please take a few minutes to visit with your child and share this information with them so they will have an idea of what to expect.

Please check your child’s assignment on your welcome letter or recent email reminder.  We place all of the students from the same school together, based on their grade and preference of Oklahoma City or Edmond.

When your child arrives for their first class, they will need to “sign in” at the computerized check-in system by announcing their name to the chaperon at the sign in table.  It will, more than likely, be crowded and a little loud, so please have your child prepared to speak clearly so the chaperon can hear them.  Once they receive their name tag from the printer, they will wait in the lobby area with the other students.

We will then ask the students to form a single file line of ladies, as well as a single file line of gentlemen.  They will be instructed to enter the ballroom area one at a time to introduce themselves to me (Mrs. Vega) and/or Mr. Vega.  A student assistant will then direct them to their seat.  At that point, I will go over instructions for the entire class in more detail.  We will introduce the curriculum for the class and learn dance steps.  Halfway through the class we will have punch and cookies, then continue with instruction and dancing.  The class is very structured and organized, and before the students know it we will be headed out the door to the receiving line, thanking the chaperons for the evening.

Dress Code for Class: The classes have a required dress code.  We believe this “sets the atmosphere” for the courtesies we are learning.  Please encourage your child to be aware of the dress code and the importance of it.  Class dress for the boys will be khaki pants, dress shirts, ties and navy or dark blazers.  Ladies should wear conservative Sunday dresses or knee-length skirts and dress shoes.  No jeans, t-shirts or tennis shoes will be allowed.

A special note for New students: While some students are excited and looking forward to their first class of the season, many aren’t too “thrilled”… for lack of a better term.  I get many E-mails and calls from parents about kiddos who are anxious and very nervous about attending Cotillion for the first time.  I refer to it as the “fear of the unknown.”  Please know that you are not alone and that the majority of the students actually end up having a great time and even “admitting” to enjoying themselves.  Other parents tell me their child did not complain, therefore they know all went well.

5th Grade Ladies: Fifth grade ladies are to wear short white gloves.  The main reason for this is some of the 5th graders are not yet comfortable “touching one another”.  The white gloves help to create an “invisible barrier” between the young ladies and gentlemen.  If you ordered white gloves from us, please proceed to the white glove table after signing in to pick up your gloves.  If you did not pre-order them, they will be available to purchase for $20.00.

We look forward to seeing your child at their first class of the season.

Thank you.

Carey Sue

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