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Found In Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight: Audrey Stine

“I  participated in the Expeditions in Etiquette program for three years and was a Student Ambassador for one year. My favorite memory from the program was my first ball which took place in 2013. The first year that I was involved with Expeditions in Etiquette was my...
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Senior Spotlight: Presley Rhea

“I have been able to be part of Expeditions in Etiquette for 5 years and I wish that I could have participated for all 8 years. I have made some of the closest friends through the program with people that I would have never...
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Senior Spotlight: Emily Hopper

“From the first class, I was introduced to Expeditions In Etiquette with Mrs. Vega’s welcoming smile that put me at ease. I had been taught to set table and to chew with my mouth closed at an early age but it wasn’t until participating in classes with...
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Senior Spotlight: Dillon Noble

Dillon has participated in programs with us for eight years.  It has been a pleasure to watch Dillon grow up over the years. He’s a fantastic young man who has a great foundation and a strong sense of doing the right thing – we look...
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Senior Spotlight: Emily Darrow

Getting to know the Darrow family has been a true blessing.  Emily has participated in programs with us for years and has served as a Student Ambassador as well.  She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! “Throughout my...
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Senior Spotlight: Scooby Eppler

We have enjoyed getting to know Scooby over the years. I was honored to attend Scooby’s Eagle Scout ceremony when he was only 14.  That accomplishment was one of our first clues this guy was going to be a special kid!  Not only has...
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