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Found In Manner Monday

Manner Monday®: Labor Day

When it comes to Memorial Day and Labor Day, does anyone else get confused with which holiday falls when?  Me too!  My good friend, Vonne, taught be an easy way to remember.  M = May and Memorial Day.  Then you can think L =...
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Manner Monday®: Following up on new introductions

When someone goes out of their way to make a specific introduction for you, they are putting their reputation on the line and asking a friend or colleague to make time for you and potentially offer help or advice.   At that point, you become a personal reflection of the introducer – it’s not all about you. It’s important to remember the introducer is using their reputation for you … don’t fumble the opportunity! It’s a personal favor, and remember not too many requests can be made of any one person...
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Manner Monday®: Family Vacation

Hello Friends, The Vega family is enjoying a late summer family vacation.  After 3 broken bones (two for our son and one for my husband), we are excited to get away for a little R&R before school starts.  We loaded up with my mother-in-law...
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Manner Monday®: 4th of July

If you live in the States, I hope you are enjoying a fun-filled long weekend with family and friends to celebrate the Fourth of July!  And a Happy Canada Day to our friends up North! Whichever Holiday you may (or may not) be celebrating,...
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