Manner Monday®: Budget cuts and cutting down on Business Gifts

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A reader sent an email this week and asked to remain anonymous as they’re struggling a bit financially with their business which puts them in an awkward position of cutting down on business gifts they’ve traditionally given to clients.

If your budget does not allow for Christmas gifts this year, think about a well thought out hand-written letter.  Include how thankful you are for the business relationship and refer to something special about that client/customer so they can tell it’s not a ‘form’ letter.  And (again) take the time to handwrite it.  You can type it out first so you can work through your thoughts and grammar and get it ‘just write’.  Then after you’ve settled on the perfect verbiage.  Get out your pen and nice stationery and write out your sentiments.

I bet this will end up meaning so much more to your customers in the end than any ‘thing’ you have given them before.  It may even end up being a new tradition for you.

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