Baby Shower – who can host?

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A friend recently asked this question via Twitter:  Is it proper for a mother to host a baby shower for her daughter?

What an exciting time in your life, congratulations on the new grand baby!

Historically, close friends or coworkers of the expectant mother have been the ones to offer to throw the shower.  Sometimes extended family members such as an Aunt or Cousin may act as host.  As gifts are usually the main reason for the shower, immediate family members typically do not act as host as it appears a bit “self-serving”.

Of course, with every ‘rule’ there are exceptions.  Today, with families spread out across the country and literally around the world, you see parents or siblings hosting showers for a child, or sister, who does not live in the same town.  The family member plays host as an opportunity for close friends to share in the celebration while the mother-to-be is in town for a visit.

If you don’t have someone offer to host a shower: a fun alternative for you would be to throw a “sip and see” after the baby is born, where the guests are invited to see the new bundle of joy.

Enjoy this amazing time with your daughter.

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