Avoid headlining the Monday morning water cooler gossip circuit

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With the holiday season in full swing, many of us will all be attending our fair share of celebrations and office parties.  To keep from becoming the subject of water cooler gossip at the office this holiday season, here are 10 etiquette tips to help avoid common holiday blunders.

  1. Technology – Steer clear of excessive use of technology at the table or gathering.  This is a time for good old-fashioned “face-time”.
  2. No Show – Unless you have a legitimate excuse like the flu, you should always attend the office party.
  3. Low Show – Use good judgment when you dress for an office or holiday party. Don’t wear something too casual like jeans. Women should avoid low-cut blouses and short, tight skirts or dresses.
  4. Watch Your Mouth – Remember the office party is an office function, so don’t be negative, tell inappropriate jokes or bring up controversial topics. You never know who will be there, such as a current or potential client.
  5. Flirting – Don’t even think about it!!  Your job is at stake here.
  6. Too Much Fun – Remember that office holiday parties are still an office function. Limit yourself to one or two drinks.
  7. Mix and Mingle – Refrain from holding court in the corner with your bestie.  Parties provide a great opportunity to meet new people and visit with others you don’t get to see very often.
  8. RSVP – You should always RSVP.  Pay close attention to how the invitation was addressed; you should never bring a child or guest who was not invited and who you didn’t RSVP for in advance.
  9. Hostess Gift – When attending a party or function, take a hostess gift. It can be a traditional holiday goody or something more unique like a book for the host’s child.
  10. Thank You Notes – Don’t forget to write – not e-mail – thank you notes for gifts and to party hosts.  This may seem archaic, but it it’s a little gesture that makes a huge impact.  When’s the last time you received a hand-written note?

By keeping these tips in mind you will be remembered for all of the right reasons… and you will save yourself from headlining the Monday morning water cooler gabfest.

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