A “Royal Wedding” affair

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I wish you could have been a fly on the wall, when I received this in the mail

The minute I opened it, I immediately checked my calendar and picked up the phone to RSVP.

Janet, our hostess, went ALL out!

As we walked in the front door, we were greeted with her wedding dress, from 1994, hanging on the wall.  What a way to set the stage!

She asked that we bring photo albums from our wedding to share with the other guests.

What a hoot… that was SO much fun!

We were also greeted with our choice of mimosa or traditional English tea

choices, choices

Janet worked tirelessly making all of the delicious food

AND… she even had a wedding cake

We all enjoyed visiting, eating and watching the Royal Wedding.  Janet was kind enough to DVR the official ceremony so we had the luxury of rewinding and catching every bit of the event on our own schedule.

One of the guests even donned her “going away” dress which she wore 27 years ago, talk about timeless and elegant…

And yes… she still can wear it, even after 6 boys!

And yes… she doesn’t even look 27 years old.

And of course the guests had a great excuse to pull out some fabulous hats and fascinators.

And not missing an opportunity for a fun and original party gift.  Janet had personalized bottles made with one of her original wedding pictures

Thanks Janet for fun party!

… I can’t wait for Harry to get married! 🙂

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