5th Grade: Clarification

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As you are aware, we are not able to move forward with today’s 5th grade scheduled class.

Many of you have responded to my earlier email saying that you are trying to rearrange your schedule for Monday, February 8.  Many of you also responded saying that date is not a possibility for your family.

I will meet with Quail Creek’s event coordinator on Tuesday, when she returns to her office.  At that time, we will work to secure an additional date in February for the Class 4 makeup.  If we are not able to secure another date at Quail Creek, we will then look at another date at UCO, in addition to February 8.  We book our events with both facilities one year in advance, as both Quail Creek and UCO are popular for hosting a myriad of events.

If Monday, February 8 does work for your family, the correct meeting time will be 5:30-7:00pm.

As always, I will keep you informed.

Don’t forget to check my blog for updates as well.

Thank you!

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