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Don’t forget to register for our 5th-12th grade programs by March 1, and save $100!

Teaching Manners and Etiquette, Professional, Social and Soft Skills, with a fresh, fun, exciting, entertaining and modern approach.  Preparing Students for the Professional and Social Seas of life.  We include games and dancing in our curriculum to aid in the positive impact of teaching these important life skills.

Students may join at any level.  Each level builds on the previous; however, ‘basics’ are covered each year, as they are an integral part of the foundation.

Each Level will participate in a series of Classes.  Each class will include curriculum instruction, dance instruction and light refreshments.  At the end of the year, each Level will participate in a formal affair, including a seated and served dinner, where students get to put into practice everything they’ve learned.

For Class Schedules, please visit the individual location (Oklahoma City or Edmond) page.

To register for our 5th-8th grade programs, please visit the Registration page.

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Level 5 (5th Grade) – Laying the Keel. 

Every ship needs a good foundation. We will introduce all of the important ‘basics’ of etiquette: from Respect to Personal Presentation, we will lay the groundwork.


Level 6 (6th Grade) – Polishing the Deck. 

While reviewing the basics learned in Level 5, we will add more detailed material and introduce generational topics.  In this level, we incorporate more social interaction and begin working on better conversational and interpersonal skills.


Level 7/8 (7-8th Grades) – Bon Voyage.

Bringing all of the skills together from previous levels, we will strengthen social skills by incorporating round table exercises, putting curriculum into practice.  Students will prepare to set sail to the high school level with self-confidence and improved self-esteem.


Level 9-12 (9-12th Grades) – Passport Program. 

Bringing all of the skills together learned in previous levels, we will introduce business etiquette and professionalism to prepare students for college, employment and our global society.

To register for our 9th-12th grade programs, please visit the Registration page.

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Business and Social Etiquette for Adults and Young Professionals. 

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